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  3. Sawdust Woods

    Sawdust Woods

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  4. Bellchime Trail

    Bellchime Trail

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  5. Evening Tide

    Evening Tide

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  6. A Dream Of Summer

    A Dream Of Summer

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  7. Pink Cirrus

    Pink Cirrus

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  8. Rivers In The Wasteland

    Rivers In The Wasteland

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  9. Shelter


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  11. marty4sail said: Hi congrats on the front page! Very nice photo. Location? Juneau/Douglas?

    Thanks! :D Troms region in Norway

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  12. martijndonne-deactivated2014062 said: Wich is your favorite country to take photos? And isn't it harder to take photos in a country like Scotland? Amazing photos btw!

    Thanks a lot first of all :)

    It’s hard to say where my favourite country to take photos would be, Scotland is an obvious answer, but I generally love any areas that have beautiful scenery, particularly mountainous/forested ones. I also lean heavily towards Snowy landscapes, so I absolutely am obsessed with places in the arctic and the far north. So I guess really anywhere like Scandinavia, Iceland, Scotland, and Canada are places I’d really love to focus on. I’ve been to Norway, Iceland and live in Scotland so I like those ones already. Last but not least, I’d love to see some of the States, particularly Maine in Autumn. Autumn has amazing colours and I’d really love to get all that Maine foliage on camera.

    Scotland can be tricky, but not as tricky as the likes of Iceland and Norway. I’ve generally been lucky for a long time because my parents lived in a beautiful place for most of my life, and so I only had to go back home to have amazing photo opportunities right on my doorstep. It is getting harder now though, they moved house and I’m generally at the mercy of needing a car or transport to get where I need to be, so that’s why my photography lately has been drying up a bit. I’m hoping to change all that over the next year or so by getting a driving license and a car, but it depends on money. The Scottish weather is quite unpredictable too, but some days you get lucky :)

    Thanks again!

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  13. lee-boo said: Are all of these photos yours? They're amazing btw!

    They are! I’ve been photo-ing for over 10 years now and still learning the ropes!

    Thank you! ^_^

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  14. Anonymous said: This isn't a question but just saying that I only found your blog a minute ago and I love your photos. They've completely captured the reason I love the countryside. I live in Northern Ireland so the landscape is kinda similar here as it is in Scotland. So yeah, nice photos :)

    Thank you so much! That means a lot to me that people are responding to the shots I take, really, thank you! And you are definitely on to something, as most of the photos I’ve taken over the years are from back home, which is literally just across the water from Belfast. The southwest isn’t really the archetype of Scotland, but I grew up in a beautiful place with plenty of nice scenery.

    Cheers :)

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  15. king-single said: what location is depicted in 'polar perfection'? thanks!

    It’s the Troms region in Norway!

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